Meet Catherine Brown

Catherine Brown

Laramie, Wyoming
Master of Science, Speech Language Pathology, University of Wyoming
Bachelor of Science, Speech and Hearing Science, University of Wyoming
Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness and Prevention
Pop Vocal with Sign Language Interpretation


Platform Statement

With generations of my family raised and settled in Wyoming, it was only natural for me to return to our great state as a cheerleader for the University of Wyoming. In my years here, I have taken advantage of the untamed beauty of our state through mountain biking, snowmobiling, hiking, camping, and traveling. Through countless community events, working for the University of Wyoming President’s Office, and an internship at the Laramie Junior High, I have seen firsthand and become a part of the hard work, hospitality, and good will that make up the fabric of Wyoming.

Through my career of speech-language pathology, I plan to stay in Wyoming and give back to the state that has provided me with so much opportunity, whether it is in a hospital or school setting. As a speech-language pathologist, I will interact with people with a variety of disorders but one will remain very dear to my heart: traumatic brain injury. My brother, Jeremy, suffered a traumatic brain injury in December 2008 and while he is a walking, talking miracle, our lives have been changed forever. There is an incredible need for knowledge on this subject, both for prevention and awareness. I plan to be a catalyst in spreading knowledge regarding traumatic brain injury and hope to eventually obtain my Ph.D. in speech-language pathology to be a part of further research-based developments in my field.

Catherine Brown
Miss Wyoming 2011